QTeeApp: Identity-Free Messaging

Identity-Free Private Messaging | Multiple Profiles | Control Contacts and Content

New message indicator

A new update ensures the app icon properly reflects new messages. v1.3.2 is now available on the App Store, the app will suggest this update on startup.

Migration Complete!

QTeeApp is now on a new platform, and things should stabilize quickly. If you have not upgraded your app yet, your app will stop working. A simple upgrade at the App Store will set everything correct again, with all your account, profiles and messages as before. Thank you for yourRead More …

Important QTeeApp update

Victoria, BC Jan 25, 2017:  On Jan30-2017, QTeeApp will officially move. The latest version (v1.3.0) just released to the App Store reflects this change. To continue using the app, please consider upgrading immediately. Thank you kindly for your support. We are proud to offer you a truly private space forRead More …

  • I can’t believe I never have to give out my phone number again.
  • What an amazing concept, now it’s like I have unlimited phones.
  • Finally, my children can message without worrying about swear words or inappropriate content, and no strangers can contact them.
  • I went out on a horrible date and now he’s sending me annoying texts and pictures. Now, I have an answer.
  • Online dating is so difficult. This just makes it so much easier to try new love connections. If it doesn’t work out, I can just delete the connection.
  • I can’t believe that nobody thought of this before!!!
  • Wow, now I can have a garage sale and have anyone contact me before and ask questions about what I'm selling. And when the sale is done, I delete the profile so I don’t get any more calls.
  • That’s awesome, I can instantly make connections for online activities without giving up my personal information.
  • It's hard to believe you can actually delete messages from their phone.
  • Well that was easy, took no time at all to make it all happen. QuikConnect is the ultimate.
  • This is a game-changer for my long-distance relationship. Now I feel even closer to her; when I see “Present” I feel like I am with her.
  • It is so inspiring that you are donating 10% to our animal friends.