Various quotes about QTeeApp as we worked through the intense stages of bringing this evolutionary app to market.

It is so inspiring that you are donating 10% to our animal friends.~Every animal loverTweet
Online dating is so difficult. This just makes it so much easier to try new love connections. If it doesn’t work out, I can just delete the connection.~A friend who suffered bad datesTweet
What an amazing concept, now it’s like I have unlimited phones.~An early adopterTweet
Finally, my children can message without worrying about swear words or inappropriate content, and no strangers can contact them.~A friend of the creator, and mother of twoTweet
I don't use many apps but this one is fantastic! Very user friendly and you don't have to give the other person your actual phone number or email address to chat with them! I tried it with a friend last night and we were able to send pictures back and forth then delete the pics like they were never there! This would be perfect for when you are using an online dating site....you just create a username and profile (instead of a password you use a "key" but it's like a password) on your phone, they do the same, one of you reaches out for contact....you have contact for as long as you like but if you never want to talk to them again.....DELETE!! No stalking from them afterward because they have ZERO contact information!! Or if you want to sell something online, create a profile, make the arrangements with your potential buyer then DELETE! You won't have to worry about others contacting you about the same item...it's gone like it never existed!! I REALLY love the fact that the man who created this, is donating 10% of all proceeds to animal charities! I give this app 5 stars and 4 paws up!~Carol FoxSource: App Store ReviewTweet
I went out on a horrible date and now he’s sending me annoying texts and pictures. Now, I have an answer.~An active online daterTweet
Well that was easy, took no time at all to make it all happen. QuikConnect is the ultimate.~An early beta testerTweet
That’s awesome, I can instantly make connections for online activities without giving up my personal information.~VariousTweet
It's hard to believe you can actually delete messages from their phone.~An astonished investorTweet
I can’t believe I never have to give out my phone number again.~VariousTweet
I can’t believe that nobody thought of this before!!!~Various sourcesTweet
Wow, now I can have a garage sale and have anyone contact me before and ask questions about what I'm selling. And when the sale is done, I delete the profile so I don’t get any more calls.~From the Author ;)Tweet
This is a game-changer for my long-distance relationship. Now I feel even closer to her; when I see “Present” I feel like I am with her.~A lovelorn friendTweet

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